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High School DxD OVA, Phi Brain Season 2

An OVA adaptation of High School DxD will follow the ecchi TV anime series that debuted earlier this month. As revealed on the Japanese Amazon website, the OVA’s Blu-ray will be bundled with the 13th volume of the original light novels, out there on September 20, 2012. The ongoing TV anime is created by studio TNK, based on a light novel series authored by Ichiei Ishibumi and illustrated by Miyama-Zero.


A 2nd season for the ongoing TV anime series Phi Brain was announced to follow right after the current one, meaning that it will start airing in Japan from April 8, 2012. As ANN writes: “in the second season, the story continues to revolve around the Orpheus bangle and Phi Brain, but the puzzle battles heat up. A new enemy, a group of boys named Orpheus Order, appears before Kaito and the others, and the battles begin anew.”

UPDATE 25/03/2012: Many fans (including myself) are asking if there is going to be a second season for High School DxD anime series, which I believe would be awesome and many of us would love to watch. Officially there is no indication that there is going to be a second season… yet! However, I strongly believe that most likely they will make a second season. Why? Let’s see why. To begin with, Highschool DxD is very popular, and in addition to that, the first season only covers the first two volumes of the ongoing light novels series. These to facts alone should be enough for a second season! 

UPDATE 16/09/2012: At last great news for all of the fans of Highshool DxD. A season 2 is finally cornfirmed and green lit. You can read more here: Highschool DxD Season 2 Confirmed.


Animation – Highschool Dxd Vol.1 (BD+CD) [Japan BD] ZMXZ-7661 (Blu-ray)

Well, let me start by saying that this is probably one of the top five anime of 2012. It is based off of a Light novels series of the same name written by Ichiei Ishibumi. It features excellent animation, superb story and interesting characters. This anime falls in the harem and echhi(perverted)genres, however it definitely has something in it for everyone. It has magic, Dragons, Romance, characters and creatures from various mythologies mainly Devils, angels and fallen angels. It blends all of theses elements superbly. It is not an anime for everyone especially if you do not like fan service. The main character is a little… slow on the uptake especially with relationships, but he grows on you as well as the other characters. It certainly is worth a look if you like anime such as Kore wa zombie desuke/Is this a zombie? or High School of The Dead.

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  • Rex

    I want more episode of Highschool DXD rather than Phi Brain because the series was so interesting that many people want to see more ;)

  • Bosslike

    BROS, YOUR ANIME IS THE BEST THING EVER! Just watched the last episode and jizzed my pants! NICE, Cant wait for season 2! Love you bros.

  • DJ-BOY

    Please make season 2

  • Bright

    I would really love to watch High School DxD 2nd SEASON!!!!!

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  • skyaxe

    man, i want the season 2 to be released fast!!1

  • Leon

    Yeah, we want season 2, this anime is the best!!

  • iLyKuH

    yeah most certainly…hope they released it soon…

  • Asyong Salongpas

    Please Released it :(

  • valkyrie

    a second seasn as far as i know will start production after the OVA episodes of highschool dxd are finished

  • abcxyz

    my best anime i ever see :)

  • bima

    man…. the story of high school dxd is interesting, so… please release the 2nd season immediate.
    sory if my language not good, because i’m come from indonesian….

  • ____kira____

    e o melhor anime do mundo pra mim eu adoro highschool dxd.

  • unknowed

    do you think there will be a second season for high school dxd?
    the last episode actually made me wonder about the white dragon guy XD
    btw the ova is funny XD

  • Clbgrdnr

    Can’t wait for another, Best Echi that’s been released in a while :D Red Dragon vs White dragon… can’t wait to find out :D

  • DJ-BOY

    Can’t wait

  • ikntz

    pls make season2 this is the best eechi anime ever!!!!!!!thank you

  • DxDFan


  • renzo

    pls make season 2 this is the best anime ever, better than naruto shipudden and fairy tail i hope all of our comments will read this so he could make season 2

    from a highschool dxd fan
    Renzo From philippines

  • renzo

    i hope the author could read all of our comments

  • Ykaj

    Please release session 2… :(((((((((((((((

  • Kagumi

    C’mon Guys evryone wants season 2 So plisss release it ^^

  • nuigoshi

    at first i was like meh, but on the last episode, i became a big fan, specially when he showed his love for rias, you can really see something going off from there

  • Jay

    OMG awsome anime i really hope they make a season 2 it would be so good

  • mecloselove

    we all wait for season 2 DXD High School …. This is the best anime

  • ROFl

    we all want season 2 please release >< xD

  • Grayrook

    i know there is more to the story, look it up on wikipedia there is defenately more to this so the only question is when. MOAR l really like this series and want to see how it goes

  • sorush

    i can’t wait……booooooosted 3:)

  • Ruslan

    Hi, everybody! animes excellent, would let out the 2nd season rather

    p.s. I live in Russia I use the translator :)

  • Devon

    They better make a second season of high school DxD. It’s the most amazing anime i have ever seen (My opinion). It’s like my 4th or 5th time watching every episode i can’t get enough of it XD.

  • Kai Liu

    Omg please a season2… that movie is hilarious, but at the same time it has good and serious fighting scenes

  • disqus_BpoJmB2grv

    season 2 gonna be lots of disgusting scenes lol i read it from the novel.

    • AmunRA

      Hello My Friend, Do You Have any PDF or DJVU format of the novel, or any link to download it ?

    • rulax

      search on baka-tsuki

  • Woow