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Hekiru Hikawa launches Candy Pop Nightmare manga

Pani Poni manga creator Hekiru Hikawa is launching his Candy Pop Nightmare series in the second volume of Square Enix’s Monthly Big Gangan magazine on Friday. The “heroic punk action” manga follows Asuka Yagami, a beautiful but somewhat strange girl. Yagami transfers into an academy where whispered rumors speak of a terrifying, mysterious entity known as the “Unknown.” In short order, Makina Himekawa of the school’s disciplinary committee confiscates and searches Yagami’s bag. Yagami gets to know Arisu Kokonoe and other students with independent streaks, and discovers that all is not as it seems at her new school.



After 11 years, Hikawa finished Pani Poni in Square Enix’s Monthly G Fantasy magazine this past September. The 17th and final compiled book volume is shipping on Friday. In 2005, the anime studios GANSIS and SHAFT produced a 26-episode series which ADV Films (and later Funimation) released in North America.

Source: ANN

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