All Esper Dayo (by Kiminori Wakasugi) is a science-fiction comedy manga which we heard recently that it was green-lit for a live-action film adaptation.


All Esper Dayo new live-action movie

In the movie will star Shota Sometani as Yoshiro “Yocchan” Kamogawa.
The movie, “Everybody! We’re Espers! The Film” will be directed by Shion Sono known for Suicide Circle, Himizu, Tokyo Tribe.
Members of the original live-action series that will appear in the film too are:  Kaho (Otomen) as Miyuki Hirano and Erina Mano as Sae Asami.

In April 2013, a live-action adaptation of the manga was shown as a series of 12-minutes episodes. In addition to that, a spinoff tv special is going to premiere in Japan this spring and will be titled “ All Esper Dayo ! Extra Edition ~ The Esper Goes to the Capital ~

All Esper Dayo – Plot

The story follows an ordinary high school boy named Yoshiro “Yocchan” Kamogawa. One morning something extraordinary happens and his life changes forever. He gained the ability to read other people’s minds. But, Yoshiro is not the only one to gain powers in his town. Teru-oichan (played by Mikata Sports), a worker at a cafeteria near Yoshiro’s school, gains telekinesis which he uses it for sex toys. Yosuke Enomoto (played by Motoki Fukami), a senior and former basketball player, which he also attends Yoshiro’s high school, gains teleportation, but only while he is naked.


Information regarding Kiminori Wakasugi

Kiminori Wakasugi  had launched the manga in the Weekly Young Magazine in 2009, right before he ended his popular comedy Detroit Metal City the next year. Kodansha published his sixth compiled volume of Minna! Esper Dayo! last year’s February. It has been confirmed that Wakasugi will also launch a new arc of the manga in Young Magazine in spring 2015.