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Masahiro Itosugi launches Uwakoi manga

Masahiro Itosugi, original creator of Aki Sora, launched the serial manga Uwakoi in the November issue of Shōnen Gahosha’s Monthly Young King magazine on Tuesday. That issue also includes a clear folder featuring Uwakoi’s Yuno in a bathing suit.

The love story follows a young man named Yukiteru who gets caught in a risky love triangle. Yukiteru and his childhood friend Yuno have a history together, but Yukiteru’s female friend Rena complicates the relationship. She has strange secrets, and the love triangle may not resolve the way anyone expects.

Itosugi’s adult romance manga Aki Sora has received two original video animation adaptations. Itosugi also wrote the story and drew the art for the manga A Wish of My Sister.

Source: ANN

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