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Miwa Ueda to Launch Rokomoko Manga

The December issue of Kodansh’a Bessatsu Friend magazine is announcing on Friday that Peach Girl creator Miwa Ueda will launch a manga series called Rokomoko in the next issue on December 13. The magazine describes the new story: “Hiroko has fallen in love with Takeru at her school’s broadcasting club. Just when she is about to confess her love, her rival appears!?”



Ruka Ichinose will also launch a new romance series called Kimi ni Happiness in the same magazine in the next issue. In the story, “Yume is nothing but high-spirited!! Satsuki, whose cool demeanor keeps other people away, happens to have his desk next to her desk!?”

Tokyopop published Ueda’s Peach Girl manga in North America, while Funimation released the anime adaptation. Del Rey published six of the Japanese volumes from Ueda’s Papillon – Hana to Chō manga. Bessatsu Friend serialized both of these manga and more recently, her Puri-Mari series.

Source: ANN

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